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❝あなたの気持ちが見えない 望むほど苦しくなる それでも嫌いになれない。❞


14/07/04; EXO at Incheon Airport


14/07/04; EXO at Incheon Airport
beep boop

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1. What time do you usually wake up?

depends on the situation tbh i wake up at 7:30am when it’s school time but if it’s summer then it’d be around 1pm lol (like today)

2. Last thing that made you happy?

i finished playing silent hill

3. Favorite gif of your OTP?

4. Cats or dogs?

dogs ftw

5. 3 words to describe your personality?

sensitive, lazy, messy

6. Favorite ice cream flavor?

mhm caramel

7. 5 facts about yourself?

  1. i’ve been underweight for 3 years
  2. i forgive people so easily
  3. i’m actually a baekyeon shipper lol
  4. kyungsoo is currently ruining my bias list
  5. my hands are quite small asdf;fs;ff;a T-T

8. How many languages you speak?

3; english, greek and turkish

9. Favorite drink?

any types of energy drinks

10. What is your ideal type?

someone who has dark skin, green eyes, curly hair and is sportive (all of the boys i liked lol)

11. If you could be anywhere you wanted, where would you be?

my hometown izmir or vialand

so here are my questions;

1. do you have any pets? if you don’t, which pet would you like to have?

2. do you prefer dramas or animes?

3. if you could be able to speak a language fluently, what would it be?

4. do you have a crush on someone?

5. reading fanfiction or writing fanfiction?

6. a sport you are good at?

7. turn ons and turn offs?

8. seafood or steak?

9. describe your dream boy?

10. first kpop idol you saw?

11. do you have any siblings?


ahh thank you sweetie ;~

bad girls don’t cry

bad girls don’t cry